How we invest in technology at Rubicon 8 – and why it matters

Investing in internal business technology should be a priority for every enterprise organisation. You have the opportunity to eliminate inefficiencies by replacing outdated legacy systems, or to boost the productivity of your staff with useful technology tools.

The key is understanding how your enterprise operates, as well as your business goals, so you can identify the best solutions for your organisation. We know this because at Rubicon 8, we put our money where our mouth is. Investing in technology is ingrained into our DNA – especially as an organisation built around delivering the best tech possible for our enterprise clients. 

Let us show you what this looks like in our business, so you can see the benefits it could bring to yours.

How to choose the best technology to invest in

We are always discovering and assessing new technology, whether it be organically or through insights from our trusted partners and vendors.

Of course, a big part of choosing the right tech is understanding how different parts of our business need different technology to work at their best. That’s why we generally work with the same core stack of apps, but with an understanding that different members of our team use technology in a way that’s unique to their role.

Another big thing to think about is risk and productivity. We look at the risks in our business, and how can technology can address them. From a productivity perspective, we look for ways to empower our team with the tech they need to collaborate efficiently.

We consider all these elements when updating our technology stack, and over the last few years, the things we’ve implemented have fallen into the following four categories:

1. Connectivity technology

A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) is useful for protecting staff and data as information is shared over a wide network.

We used SDWAN ourselves to securely connect our Sydney and Melbourne offices. With real-time visibility and smart routing capabilities, we saw a massive advantage in leveraging this tech to create a smarter modern network for our business.

2. Collaboration technology

Wondering how investment in technology can improve performance? The answer is through the use of effective collaboration tools – and we’ve seen the results.

Our investment in collaboration solutions from our partners Microsoft and Cisco have enabled our staff to work anywhere, anytime, as if they were in the office. This means our workforce can continue to function seamlessly no matter what the circumstances, with minimal disruption and downtime.

3. Security technology

At Rubicon 8 we’ve witnessed a big spike in cyber attacks, particularly directed towards small and medium enterprises, making partnerships with leading global security partners vital.

The installation of a firewall that monitors our network traffic and acts as a barrier between potential risks has also gone a long way in helping to prevent any breaches that could risk our data. Plus, endpoint protection services have helped keep our devices safe, which is particularly important as more of our people work remotely

4. Digitisation technology

COVID-19 was a huge incentive for creating a seamless remote working environment. This is why we were motivated to transform our legacy processes into digital processes, as well as modernise our data storage and electrical forms.

The goal was to de-couple physical artifacts from delivery process, and by rolling out things like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, we were able to achieve this.

This is also where the varying uses of our application stack comes into play. For example, our Account Managers will use Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex to video chat clients, whereas the technical team will use Teams to manage projects and collaborate on problem resolution.

How we’ve benefited from strategically investing in technology

Not all technology is good technology – it depends on the correct vendor selection, design, and implementation. With our curated selection, we’ve seen some big advantages. Here are just a few:

Reduced inefficiencies 

Legacy technology or poorly designed and implemented tech are the main causes for inefficiencies in business. Updating our technology has allowed for more work flexibility, and less network drop outs.

With connectivity, network, and collaboration solutions, our staff are able to focus on getting things done. This has a flow on effect right down to our bottom line, and actually boosts our earning capacity.

Reduced staff turnover  

We’ve seen the shift in attitudes from our staff using slow, frustrating apps, versus when we rolled out a more efficient network.

It’s a fact that happier people are easier to retain within business, so by keeping our fingers on the pulse of the latest tech, we’ve held on to our most talented staff. Find out more about how you can leverage your technology to increase staff retention here.

Better solutions for clients  

By investing in our IT stack, we’ve been able to continue offering the best solutions to our clients. Our technology investment has allowed us to speak from experience, meaning all our advice is backed by tangible, real-world insights. This is something that will only get better as more technology upgrades become available.

How often should you review your tech stack?

Put simply – constantly. We’ve made clear the benefits of investing in technology, and staying on top of the latest and greatest in tech solutions allows you to continually reap these advantages. Plus, as a market leader in innovation, you have an extra edge on your competition. So, be sure to always keep an eye out and see how you can use technology to boost your business performance.

Talk to Rubicon 8

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, so our senior engineers will test new tech in our lab environment to assess it before we talk to you about what it can do for your organisation. This means we know which technology to invest in, and every recommendation we make is based on our own investigation and real-world application. Consider us your guinea pig.

Now’s the time to talk to your people and see what challenges they’re facing. We deal with clients on both ends of technical spectrum, so we can devise an effective technology solution to your unique problems. Get in touch today.

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