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Protect your business’ data, assets and people

With your devices connected and collaborating on your network, sharing business-critical data, your security strategy needs to keep up – particularly as cyber attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated.

Our expert advisors will help get you up to speed, identifying any vulnerabilities and recommending strategies to not only mitigate attacks, but to also respond to one when it happens.

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Managed Firewall

We provide administration, monitoring and maintenance of your firewall infrastructure, removing the burden of policy management, upgrades and patch deployment.

Security Incident Response

Responding to and containing cyber security incidents is challenging, and in the event of an incident, every moment counts. We’ll help you minimise the impact to your business.

Security Audits

Our cyber security audits include a comprehensive review and analysis of your business’ IT infrastructure. We identify threats and vulnerabilities, exposing any weaknesses and high-risk practices.

Endpoint and Mobile Protection

With remote work on the rise, endpoint and mobile protection can help protect your devices against ransomware, spyware, malware and email scams to prevent data loss.

Internet Protection

With our specialised cloud-based filtering system, your internet traffic is redirected to the cloud where known cyber threats can be identified and often removed in real time – helping protect your business from accidental downloads or clicks on files that have a virus or malware attached to them.

Email Protection

Help protect against phishing, ransomware and malware targeting your business by email. Our cloud-based filtering system will help flag bad web links, working to protect you and your staff using domain-based email platforms.

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