Meet the Team: Ani Thomas

Job title

Project Manager

Ani’s first encounter with tech:

When Ani was in uni, her family bought her a Siemens mobile phone that she only knew how to call home on. She also bought herself an iPod with her own money to keep herself entertained. How far we’ve come to only need one device that does it all!

What does Ani do at Rubicon 8?

Ani has moved between a whole host of roles during her 10 years at Rubicon 8, but these days she’s focused on project management. She gets her team into gear to make sure they’re delivering your tech solutions on-task and on-time, specifically for ICT projects. She works closely with you from point A, all the way through to the project’s completion, making sure that the expectations you signed off on are met.

She loves it when she gets to use both her, and her teams’ expertise on multifaceted projects that showcase different technology solutions. From network, to telephony, to collaboration – they get to bring these solutions together into a perfect package to suit your business’ specific needs.

One of her favourite cases to work on was moving a client from a traditional network to a cloud based network, combining Telstra calling, SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network), share point migration, and server migration solutions. It’s good news for Ani, because these are the kinds of projects Rubicon 8 is seeing more and more of.

What has Ani seen happening in the tech world?

In the landscape Ani has observed, it’s all about flexibility and mobility. Clients want more control over what they do, and a wider scope of business technology that supports a variety of uses.

This is largely due to the pandemic, as the need for remote working made this flexibility a requirement. Two years ago, businesses were still doubting the need for the cloud. Today, it’s a necessity and a major tool to help businesses increase productivity and performance. With the wide variety of clients Ani deals with, she found that the high end, tech-based companies were well on their way to implementing the processes required for remote working by the time COVID hit. Others however, were still using their traditional systems that were up to 10 years old, so when things changed fast, they were one step behind. Thankfully, Rubicon 8 was able to provide the appropriate tech solutions to get them back up to speed and operating as usual.  

The pandemic has changed the way we work. With the right cloud solutions, teams are able to work more efficiently and effectively – multiple people can access and edit the same document at once, team chats mean less disruptive communication, and teams can connect with each other and customers regardless of where they are. All of these time savers add up to improve productivity, reduce downtime and provide more seamless customer experiences. These days, Rubicon 8 needs the deployment of their solutions to be just as fast as the solutions themselves – customers can’t afford to wait, and Rubicon 8 doesn’t want them to either!  

What’s great about Rubicon 8? 

When Ani was asked this question, her response was quick: “the people, definitely.”

From management, all the way down the line, everyone is hard working, committed, and supportive. This support means growth is easy, so much so that Ani’s had the freedom to move roles according to her interests throughout her employment, keeping things challenging and rewarding. She’s never felt like things get boring or monotonous, not just because of her evolving roles, but also the consistent change and growth that comes with the technology industry. She loves how nimble they get to be, and as a team that works so well together, they get to deliver premium services every time.

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