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Head of People and Culture

Josie’s first encounter with tech

Josie loved her shock-resistant Sony Walkman. She took it absolutely everywhere and even had mixed tapes on hand, along with a pencil to rewind the songs. “I felt like the coolest kid on the block,” she says.

What does she do at Rubicon 8?

Josie’s role is brand new. Traditionally, HR was always about policies and compliance, but today investing in People and Culture is a vital strategy for high-performing businesses. Rubicon 8 is one of these businesses, and because we’re in a period of rapid growth we needed a dedicated role to help us stay that way.

Her job is to look after the entire employee lifecycle. This includes attracting, recruiting, onboarding, development, engagement, rewarding and more. Using her pragmatic approach, she is the voice of both leadership and employees and takes her time to listen to what people want and need.

Every company has its own unique DNA, and by understanding people she is able to facilitate the development of a culture that works within the business and brings the company values to life. The right culture is the secret to a successful business since everyone feels supported in their role and confident in their position within the organisational structure.

What has Josie seen happening in the tech world?

While Josie is new to Rubicon 8, she is not new to the world of technology. She has witnessed the rise of automation in this space and is excited to see where this takes us – especially within HR processes. The effortlessness of technology automation can make these processes so much easier, from filling out a form to accepting requests. This boosts reliability and reduces chances for human error, which ultimately equals a more efficient business.

Josie also believes that businesses need to be taking their cyber security more seriously. “I think they seem to say, ‘Oh that’s not going to happen to us.’”

As she sees it, today’s digital economy is great for productivity and innovation, but without effective cyber security services businesses are left exposed. It’s happening more and more, so data really needs to be protected.

What’s great about Rubicon 8? 

When Josie arrived at Rubicon 8, she was surprised at the amount of time everyone had been with the company, but she soon figured out why.

“It’s the friendliness, the openness, the transparency of people. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It feels like it’s a family unit that the leadership teams curated, and they’ve welcomed me with open arms.”

She loves the element of trust between everyone in the company, how well everyone is looked after, and how open the leadership team is to new ideas. Josie can’t wait to continue her journey with Rubicon 8 and uncover the People and Culture strategies that help propel the organisation forward.

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