Meet the team: Michael Jenkins

Job Title

Business Account Executive

Michael’s first encounter with tech:

Michael always wanted a super Nintendo when he was a kid, but only ever got his hands on a friend’s console. Instead, he spent his time playing NBA Jam on his second generation Game Boy.

What does he do at Rubicon 8?

If you’ve got a question about tech, Michael’s your man. If you’re wondering how your business can increase productivity, he has the answers. He’ll build a solid relationship with you and your company so he can find business technology solutions that boost your performance and functions. And after 15 years, he’s very good at what he does.

He’s all about building a solid picture of your specific challenges, and your industry as a whole. As the man himself says, “the more understanding we have, the more we can find a reference point for something we’ve done for a previous customer.” You can always trust Michael to give you confidence, and provide recommendations that show you how your business can use technology to their advantage.

What has Michael seen happening in the tech world?

Michael’s watched the way that businesses use technology change over the years. Once upon a time, technology was based on a single hub, but now every house can be a hub. Because of this, businesses are battling to keep the same level of control and security at home as they’d have in the office. While this is a challenge, the tech solutions provided by R8, and Michael specifically, have allowed for major growth in productivity.

According to Michael, “In ten years’ time, we might have been where we are now at the rate things were going, but it’s obviously accelerated exponentially since COVID.” He helps businesses keep up with this acceleration, and particularly loves helping enterprises get their tech mobilised.  

Before the pandemic, a big part of Michael’s job was helping businesses transition to cloud-based networks. Using the cloud can bring big boosts to business processes, but there is no one fits all solution and every case will have something different to address. Bringing on board SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) as a solution was a great way to get networks aligned with capacity. Michael can show you if and why SD WAN is required in your business.

What’s great about Rubicon 8? 

Michael’s been with R8 for many years, and the people in his team have been there just as long. Michael expresses that his colleagues “all understand how the other works- we’ve got long standing relationships.” Working with Rubicon 8 means you’re getting a team of people who have pretty much perfected the way they do their job. They are a well-oiled machine perfectly equipped to deliver excellent enterprise tech solutions.

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