Rubicon 8 named 2022 Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year

Rubicon 8 accepting award for 2022 Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year

Telstra’s 2022 Enterprise Partner Awards took place on the 29th of August this year, and Rubicon 8 is thrilled to announce that we had the honour of taking home the top award. This is hot off the heels of last year when we won the Telstra Australia Deal of the Year and sets an exciting precedent for our capabilities as a trusted Telstra Partner.

What is a Telstra Partner?

Being a Telstra Partner means working alongside one of Australia’s most trusted, innovative businesses to deliver full solutions backed by shared resources, expertise, and experience. Thanks to the Telstra Enterprise Partner Program, our customers can benefit from a powerful combination of Rubicon 8’s knowledge of enterprise business technology, and Telstra’s capacity and products. It means we’ve been able to expand our product solutions and deliver reliable results that enterprise businesses can leverage to their advantage.

Why was Rubicon 8 awarded Enterprise Partner of the Year?

According to David Burns, a Telstra Enterprise group executive, “…the Telstra Partner Awards recognises the important role our partner network plays and is a way to say thank you for supporting our business through sales, service and collaboration.”

Specifically, the Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year award exists to recognise a partner’s talent in serving their customers’ needs using custom solutions that benefit their business. Burns flattered us, stating, “Rubicon 8’s commitment to helping organisations to be their best through the discovery and implementation of the right technology is something to be celebrated.”

It was an honour to be acknowledged for our efforts, especially since our whole team works tirelessly to deliver custom solutions to our clients. We want to thank every staff member at Rubicon 8 – we would not be receiving this award without your hard work and unwavering commitment to everything you do.

What does this mean for you? 

At Rubicon 8, our values are focused on trust, quality, collaboration and innovation – just to name a few. This acknowledgement of our commitment as a Telstra Partner proves that you can trust us to produce high-quality work, and collaborate with you the way we collaborate with Telstra to provide innovative solutions.

With Rubicon 8 as Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year, your decision to partner with us for your enterprise business technology needs is already validated.

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