Solution spotlight: Enterprise Network & Connectivity

Enterprise Network & Connectivity

‘Enterprise network’ may seem like a fluff term in the business landscape, but in fact is essential to get right in the modern world. A solid enterprise network with strong connectivity serves as the backbone of your IT infrastructure, connecting various devices, systems, and services to enable efficient and secure business operations.

What exactly does Enterprise Network & Connectivity mean?

Enterprise networks are essential for efficient communication, collaboration, and data sharing among employees and departments within an organisation. They support various critical applications like email, file sharing, video conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more. As enterprises continue to rely on technology for their day-to-day operations, robust enterprise networks with secure and reliable connectivity become increasingly vital to their success.

Why invest in Enterprise Network & Connectivity solutions?

Business operations that fail to adopt an optimised enterprise network risk exposure to security, productivity and even reputational impacts. 

Consider an enterprise that has been operating the same way for 20 years or more. Their services and products are well known, and business has always been good. Maybe the leadership team has a “we’ve always done it this way, let’s not fix what isn’t broken” mentality. This means that processes, systems and technology have remained unchanged. So why might a business like this start to fail?

The answer lies in the rapid pace of advancements in business technology, and the increased competition and innovation this brings. Organisations are implementing new ways to engage with their customers, creating more efficient processes through automation, and powering communication through the adoption of collaboration tools. It is effective network and connectivity setups that make this possible, since higher bandwidths and data volumes are able to keep up with the new applications.  

By failing to adapt their networks, legacy businesses are unable to adopt new tools that others are harnessing. This causes them to fall behind their competitors, impacting customer acquisition and retention. 

By leveraging our Network & Connectivity solutions, you can prevent that from happening. 

Enterprise Network & Connectivity in action 

There are plenty of real-life examples of how Network & Connectivity solutions have helped businesses, but this can be best demonstrated by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. 

In wholly unforeseen circumstances, business leaders were required to answer a critical question: can we continue to operate? For the businesses that answered yes, a key contributor was rapid transitions in their digital environment. 

The only way to maintain business continuity during lockdown was through remote working. This involved setting up new communication platforms, providing access to collaboration tools, and permitting remote access to applications. However, these solutions could not be deployed without the right building blocks – they needed the right network and connectivity to handle the new demands. 

Organisations who devised strategies that accounted for this need were ahead of the game, and many times suffered minor operational impacts. Their ability to deftly reorganised and leverage the benefits of our Network & Connectivity solutions paid dividends. ICT transition costs were low, customer satisfaction was maintained, and they could continue to make profits during a difficult time. Essentially, Network & Connectivity solutions played a critical role in the survival of many enterprises.  

Talk to us about our Enterprise Network & Connectivity solutions today 

No matter your size or maturity level, your business needs infrastructure that supports your operations. Your network and connectivity should be reviewed and evaluated to support growth, allow for the adoption of new technologies, and keep your business protected. Our network and connectivity solutions allow you to optimise your processes, keeping you connected and supporting your operational needs. 

The solutions we offer include:

  • Multiprotocol label switching 
  • SD WAN
  • Telstra Internet Direct 
  • nbn connectivity 
  • Cellular networks
  • IP wireless & M2M 
  • Programable networks 
  • Data centres 

Our tech consultants can evaluate your network and connectivity needs by getting to know how you operate and your plans for the future, before suggesting the right solutions to fit. Talk to us today. 

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