Making your business stronger with innovation and technology

Importance of technology and innovation

Whether it’s a matter of convenience or cost, legacy systems still play a surprisingly prominent role in many enterprises. But relying on systems that have been “the way we’ve always done things” could be holding your operation back. Fortunately, it’s never too late and never been easier to invest in innovation and technology to help your enterprise reaching new heights.

Innovation and technology have become increasingly important to creating a successful business that stays competitive in its market and resilient against potential challenges. Having the right tools and the mindset to apply them can also mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

Successful businesses embrace innovation and technology 

While it’s true that many businesses still rely on legacy systems and traditional processes, research suggests the culture is shifting, with business leaders and decisions makers eager to shake things up. More businesses are now operating with transformation strategies that foster innovation and create a roadmap for introducing new technologies. As this continues, we expect the gap between innovative businesses and those operating with legacy systems to grow bigger. This makes innovation and technology not only essential for staying competitive, but the best chance for businesses to lead their respective market.

After surveying more than 800 businesses in 2022, CPA Australia found that 77% had a digital transformation strategy, with 45% stating that digital transformation is a very important part of their organisational strategy. It was also found that enterprises that can leverage technology to digitally transform themselves are more likely to put themselves at a significant competitive advantage relative to their competitors. And this finding was not bluster; CPA Australia found that 84% of their survey respondents came from high-growth businesses with a leaders who had a digital transformation strategy, compared to around two-thirds of respondents from businesses that shrank. 

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” –Thomas Edison

Innovation is essential to growth and resilience, but technology is the catalyst that makes innovation reality. Advanced business technology makes enterprises more capable of adapting swiftly to challenges, such as disruptions caused by global events, economic uncertainties or shifts in industry practices. Cloud computing, data analytics and automation, for example, enable enterprises to streamline operations, enhance efficiency and make informed decisions. It also facilitates remote work capabilities, ensuring that operations can continue seamlessly even during unforeseen circumstances. And advanced cybersecurity has never been more important to safeguard against sophisticated threats, protecting sensitive data and ensuring the integrity of operations. 

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