The importance of device lifecycle and renewal services

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Your business devices are an important part of your operations, especially in today’s work-from-anywhere world. That means that your organisation likely has a lot of devices that you need to keep track of and replace when the technology becomes outdated. 

With device lifecycle management in place, it becomes a lot easier to look after your assets and helps maximise your return on investment. But what does it actually involve?  

What is device lifecycle and renewal? 

This refers to the stages your devices go through, from beginning to end. You could manage this internally, however it does take significant planning and resource tracking that can keep your team members from more important responsibilities. Typically, this process is much simpler when you partner with a tech services provider. 

Here are the typical stages of the device lifecycle: 


Suitable devices are selected and purchased by your organisation or the tech services provider you are working with. 


The devices are deployed within your business and used by your staff to perform key tasks and responsibilities. Tech service providers can design a Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment that aligns with your technology, strategy, and security requirements to optimise your use of these devices. 


Monitoring and managing device performance is important, along with tracking your inventory, applying updates, and addressing any issues. 


It is inevitable that a device will become outdated. Its performance may start to suffer, its features may become obsolete, and it may no longer be compatible with new technologies. At this stage, it becomes time to upgrade to a new model. Your tech services provider can assist with this process and even show you how to get credits to put towards your new smartphone or tablet. 


Correctly disposing of your old devices is critical. There are certain steps that must be completed, including wiping your data and disposing of the device in compliance with regulations. Some tech services providers can do this for you, and even buy back your devices. They can also help you dispose of them responsibly. 

How device lifecycle management can help your business  

Beyond convenience, device lifecycle and renewal services actually offer a number of benefits. Here are some of the reasons you should partner with someone to manage your device lifecycle. 

Reduce your environmental impact 

Devices contain harmful materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium. When a device isn’t disposed of correctly, it contributes to pollution and has major environmental consequences, especially on an enterprise scale. Responsible device lifecycle management from a trusted provider prevents electronic waste and helps your business be more sustainable. 

Maximise your investment  

Creating a mobile device environment is an investment, and with lifecycle management you can ensure you are getting the most out of it. Tech service providers often offer buyback schemes that allow you to sell your used device in exchange for credit or cash. The devices will be assessed and valued before you receive an offer that can be put towards a new investment. 

Access the latest devices and upgrades 

Rather than lagging behind the competition with outdated devices, you can access the latest and greatest technology to support your operations. As your older device starts to deteriorate, you can trade it in for a newer model or use your buyback credit. 

Data security and compliance    

Often your staff will be using your devices to access sensitive information, including customer data. There are a number of privacy policies and standards in place to protect people’s privacy, so you need to make sure you are deleting this data from any disposed mobile phones. Tech service providers have procedures in place to make sure data is wiped in accordance with these standards. 

Leverage the circular economy   

The circular economy is a model that minimises waste and makes the most of available resources. Mobile device lifecycle and renewal services leverage these principles via buyback schemes and recycling, fostering a culture of reuse within your organisation.  

Trust Rubicon 8 for your device lifecycle and renewal

At Rubicon 8, we provide an end-to-end solution to buyback, renew, donate, and recycle your business smartphones and tablets. We want to help your business be more sustainable and scalable while enjoying technology that helps you thrive. Start benefiting from device lifecycle and renewal services, and talk to us today

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