What is enterprise mobility management and why do you need it?


The world of business is more agile than ever before, and the use of mobile devices is a big part of what has made this possible. Effectively leveraging these devices can open doors for your business, but that can be hard to do with so many other priorities on your to-do list. That’s where enterprise mobility management can help. 

Enterprise mobility management refers to the technology, processes and policies that your business uses to maintain, manage and secure your mobile devices, along with the applications and data they contain. With this service in place, you can address the opportunities that mobile devices present, helping you keep pace with the new world of business. Not only that, you can be empowered to solve a number of problems and challenges that could be hindering your operations, including: 

Expense management  

We find a lot of enterprise finance teams struggle to keep pace with the procurement of devices and new services while maintaining an accurate database of assets and inventory. Costs need to be allocated to the appropriate business unit or cost centre, which becomes difficult when there are numerous devices being used in the business. 

Device lifecycle management    

What do you do when your devices become faulty, damaged, or reach the end of their life? Without effective buyback or replacement policies, there could be productivity impacts since people don’t have access to the tools they need. Your business could also miss out on savings opportunities involved with recycling old devices. 

Mobile device management   

It’s important for your staff to be able to access all the applications and tools they need to perform their work effectively. This means ensuring things are operating at their peak at all times, which can be hard to do without dedicated time or effective visibility. Plus, with so many devices operating on your network and accessing important information, there can be difficulties around data leakage. This extends to securely offboarding staff while maintaining data security and compliance.  

The benefits of our managed mobile services 

With the advantages of enterprise mobility in mind, getting this managed on your behalf can ensure you are truly making the most of your mobile fleet. Allow our quality service to bring your business to the next level. 

Next-day replacement of your devices 

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Your staff may lose or damage a device, or they can get stolen. When the absence of their device prevents your team member from performing their responsibilities, this has the potential to impact your business continuity. 

However, when we are managing your enterprise mobility, this won’t have to impact your operations. In fact, we can replace them the very next day, allowing you to resume business as usual with little fuss. 

Sustainable and cost-effective buy-back options  

We have teamed up with Telstra’s buyback partner, Moorup, to offer you greater sustainability and financial benefits for your device life cycle. 

We can buy back, renew, donate or recycle your smartphones and tablets, then credit the value of these devices into your Telstra mobile account or deliver it as a technology fund. If your devices have no economic value, then we simply recycle them for free through Mobile Muster. 

We also utilise industry-leading secure data erasure and diagnostic tools to ensure your critical information stays secure. 

Simple inventory and expense management  

Rubicon 8’s intuitive portal provides a streamlined, one-stop solution to manage your devices and plans. You can easily order and track new devices, submit service requests, and manage your inventory and expenses, all in one place. 

You can benefit from complete visibility over your orders and maintain control at all times. It also helps ensure your devices stay at peak operation with problems troubleshooted quickly through a seamless ticketing system. 

You can even manage your trade-in requests through this portal and keep track of your buy-back and device lifecycle needs. 

Endpoint security  

Mobile device users frequently access critical data on the go. While unavoidable, this can leave your business exposed and risk compromising your data without proper security measures in place. 

With our managed mobile services, we can help keep your employees safer online with endpoint security solutions. We’ll keep things aligned with your security requirements, implement zero-trust principles, and implement dynamic policy controls. 

That way, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your devices are secure, wherever they’re being used. 

Enterprise Helpdesk  

Don’t let tech issues keep your team from their work. If any problems arise with your managed devices or their applications, you have access to our dedicated support team. 

Give them a call and they will do everything they can to get you back to business faster. These business technology and IT specialists can support you with same-day solutions and practical advice backed by years of real-world experience. 

Adaptable mobility modules to suit your needs 

Get a credit on your mobile plans when you add enterprise mobility modules 

Our mobility services are highly modular, which means you can tailor our management services depending on your business needs. This allows more seamless mobile management, offering efficiency and flexibility when it comes to accessing applications, data, and managing costs. 

Each module is available individually, allowing you to build your ideal solution. This includes: 

  • Mobile device management user support
  • Professional services 
  • Endpoint lifecycle management
  • Mobile device platform management
  • Expense and asset management
  • Enterprise Helpdesk

Better yet, you can get credit on your mobile plans for each enterprise mobility module you add to your services, helping you offset costs. Get in touch with us for more details on this offering. 

Are you ready to improve your performance? Entrust your enterprise mobility management to Rubicon 8

At Rubicon 8, we understand how enterprises can use technology to revolutionise their business, and that includes mobile devices. When we handle your enterprise mobility management, you can trust us to review, design and implement a robust mobile environment, aligning it with your organisation’s infrastructure, strategy and security needs.

That way, you can make the most of your mobile fleet and by extension help improve the performance of your business. We are here to talk you through the full benefits of this service and help you revolutionise your technology. Talk to us today.

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