Why every enterprise business needs managed IT support

How effective is your IT environment? How often are you updating your tech tools? How much time is your in house tech team spending solving user issues?

Your responses will tell you a lot about the state of your technology infrastructure, and your need for managed IT support services. With managed IT, the advantages available to enterprise business are considerable. You have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of an entire technology team, with years of experience lending itself to helping your business.

Let’s investigate what a managed IT support services vendor could do for you. 

What is managed IT support?

Managed IT is more than just a person you can call when the internet is down. It’s a whole outsourced team providing unparalleled tech service, and working to align your technology infrastructure with your business strategy. Your managed services provider will keep an eye on the latest innovations and leverage tech tools that boost your business processes, as well as roll them out and train your team. Using this service allows your business significant growth opportunities.

6 key benefits of managed IT support  

1. Free up your resources

Modern IT infrastructure is complex, and ever-evolving. This means that to stay competitive, your enterprise must always have their eyes on the newest tech tools, and be constantly ready to retrain and relearn whatever programs need to be implemented. This eats up valuable time and resources that can be spent elsewhere.

Let your managed IT service provider take charge. That way you can keep your focus on expanding the core competencies of your business. Plus, instead of spending valuable time putting out fires for users, with managed ICT services your in-house IT team can focus on improving the user experience of your customers, and implementing innovative ideas that establish you as a market leader. 

2. Keep costs low

While it may have once been top of the line, your legacy technology can be quite costly to maintain, and often lacks the efficiency to justify the price tag. With managed IT support, your provider can recommend best-in-market solutions that are much lighter on your budget. You can also minimise your in-house team and remove extra costs around training, salaries, benefits, and insurance.

Speaking of budget, accounting for managed IT services in your enterprise spend is easy. With reliable standard costs, these services are consolidated into fixed monthly rates that account for breakdowns, maintenance and repairs. You can even scale up and down as needed, depending on your business’ strategies, goals, needs, and busy periods.

3. Maintain business continuity

In this fast paced world, customer needs demand immediate attention, so for the sake of client retention, your team needs to be accessible at all times. Managed IT support means round the clock service, with proactive monitoring that addresses issues before they even become a problem.

This keeps your business constantly productive, allowing you to provide uninterrupted service – even after hours. With access to leading vendors, your managed IT provider effectively manages your environment thanks to highly developed system tools.

4. Keep your business secured

Business security is important for many reasons; cost impacts, customer retention, staff turnover, and reputational protection being just a few. You don’t want your staff or customers losing faith in your enterprise thanks to a breach, or end up having to pay big bucks to get your data back.

When your IT management is outsourced, your apps and data are hosted remotely in facilitates that must adhere to security standards. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your business critical information is protected.

Thanks to their vast experience and knowledge, your managed IT provider is familiar with the latest in security, and can use it to develop strategies to keep your IT environment secure. This is especially important with remote working now the standard. Even across different networks and devices, your information is safe. Plus, with managed mobility services, you can boost employee satisfaction with BYOD (bring your own device).

5. Improve performance and stay at the cutting edge  

With managed IT services, the latest technology is procured on your behalf so you can keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest tech. Based on your unique enterprise business needs, your service provider can leverage their expertise and vendor relationships to recommend solutions that will boost your business performance and improve day to day operations.

No need to maintain a list of vendors and participate in complicated, technical conversations that might not yield what you’re looking for. They’ll manage these relationships on your behalf, then evaluate, recommend and deploy top-of-the-line technical solutions at the best rate.

With their eyes on the prize, your managed IT provider will source the latest innovations that keep you ahead of the competition and supply superior service for your customers.

Learn more about technology and performance here.

6. Keep your staff satisfied and productive   

Thanks to UC management that supports your remote working, managed IT support will mobilise your workforce and allow for flexible working arrangements. By integrating telephony and collaboration platforms, your staff and customers can stay connected across more locations and provide the same experience for your team whether they’re in the office, on the road, or at home.

With more flexibility in their working environment, your staff will be much happier, and it’s proven that happier workers equal better performance. This makes it much easier to hold onto your best performers, and keeps them productive through a range of circumstances. 

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