Why is a business continuity strategy important to enterprise?

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Communication is so deeply woven into the workplace that most (if not all) enterprises would come screeching to a halt if they could no longer reach the outside world. Reliable network and connectivity are not just useful for business, they are essential. 

It’s important for all enterprise owners to understand that ‘reliable’ network and connectivity doesn’t just mean ‘strong’ network and connectivity. Reliability is also dependant on a business continuity strategy, which helps networks bounce back from an outage and prevent one in the first place. 

What is a business continuity strategy?

In the context of your enterprise’s network and connectivity, a business continuity strategy is a proactive plan designed to help ensure essential operations can continue in the face of disruptions. It helps identify potential risks, such as cyberattacks or unforeseen events, and outlines measures to mitigate their impact such as data backup, recovery systems and network management systems. The ultimate goal is to navigate unforeseen challenges with little or no downtime, ensuring client satisfaction and minimal business impact.

What can happen without a suitable plan 

Communication outages in enterprises are not as simple as the phone being down. There are several impacts to business continuity and profits that can occur.

Payment disruptions: In industries reliant on real-time transactions, such as retail and e-commerce, the inability to process payments can result in immediate revenue loss.

Logistics standstill: Transportation and logistics industries heavily depend on communication for tracking shipments and coordinating deliveries. A communication outage can bring trucks and transport to a halt, disrupting the entire supply chain.

Multi-factor authentication issues: Security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, heavily rely on communication channels. An outage can impact the authentication process, raising concerns about unauthorised access.

Health and safety risks: In industries where mobility is crucial, such as field services or remote locations, a lack of communication can lead to health and safety concerns. Staff may find themselves stranded without the means to request assistance or report emergencies.

Other effects of a communication outage may include:

  • Decrease in staff productivity
  • Email and Mobile Outages 
  • Production halts
  • Significant downtime for online businesses
  • Compromised security systems
  • Brand damage
  • Non-compliance and regulatory implications.

Why it’s important to have a reliable network and connectivity solution

Similarly, the benefits of having a reliable network and healthy enterprise connectivity go far beyond being able to contact other people. 

Faster recovery and reduced costs: A well-prepared solution expedites the recovery process after a communication outage, minimising downtime and potential recovery costs.

Future-proofing against emerging threats: Having a solution in place not only addresses current risks but also allows enterprises to adapt to emerging challenges, future-proofing their operations against unforeseen disruptions.

Employee productivity and well-being: Employees can remain productive even in the absence of traditional communication channels. This not only prevents financial losses but also contributes to maintaining a positive work environment and employee satisfaction.

Brand protection and reputation management: Reliable network and connectivity solutions help demonstrate a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. This helps to nurture customer relations while reducing the potential long-term impact on brand image.

Rubicon 8 can provide a business continuity strategy 

Every facet of business operations is impacted by communications. This means that while recovery is important, proactive solutions are equally essential to prevent disruptions in the first place.

At Rubicon 8, we are committed to ensuring you have the tools and tech to minimise risk that can impact your business continuity.

We can evaluate your current network infrastructure and the condition of your connectivity, and help you establish a system that will help your people communicate and collaborate seamlessly, supporting your business’ operational needs. Contact us today.

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