Why you should use business technology for growth

Today’s business landscape looks very different to the one of 10 years ago. This is largely due to the innovations in business technology that have taken place in the last decade. These innovations have offered sizeable opportunities to streamline processes and optimise operations, resulting in major strides and rapid growth for organisations that rolled them out. 

So, if you’re looking for ways to accelerate your business’s growth trajectory, one of the keys is rolling out robust tech infrastructure and being ready to leverage new technological advancements that align with the way you do business. The opportunities these technologies present can create an extra edge in terms of productivity, communication, customer experience, and more. In fact, those enterprises that are ready to drive the business forward with cutting-edge technology can use it to facilitate a whole new period of growth.

How you can use business technology to fuel the growth of your enterprise

Let’s investigate how technology can be used to expedite your business’ growth.

Boosts your productivity

A solid technology infrastructure begins with a quality network. It needs effective connectivity that can support multiple staff connections, moving data, business applications, and other important functions. You can use business technology to roll out an effective network that helps reduce lags, create fewer dropouts, and cultivate faster upload and download speeds. This assists in reducing downtime and keeping business operations moving.

Likewise, cloud computing can enhance your operational efficiency and help maintain continuity of service. Staff can access data from anywhere and share files instantly across a range of services and locations.

Notably, 5G networks are being rolled out across the globe, offering higher capacities and much faster speeds. This will further reduce latency and increase the amount of data that can move over a network. 

The improved productivity made possible with effective technology equals faster outputs that can propel your business forward. Plus, it allows your enterprise to achieve more in less time, and then use this saved time to switch its focus to the future. Teams can work towards achieving something bigger and better that contributes to your growth.

Helps people work smarter

Effective communication and collaboration are vital to the success of any organisation, and by rolling out unified communication (UC) platforms, you can use business technology to help your people work smarter. These tools will facilitate instant messaging, file sharing, voice and video calling, email, and call scheduling all on one integrated platform. Not only will this keep communication lines open, it will save your staff from wasting time switching between different applications. Answers can be delivered quickly, fires can be put out fast, and processes can be more streamlined. That way, your staff can concentrate on working together to put out quality work that feeds into growing your enterprise.

Provides a better customer experience

The growth of a business relies on customer acquisition and retention, and you can use business technology to help. We’ve already discussed how UC improves communication, and this flows into the customer experience as well. People expect fast service, and UC can provide that while presenting a professional front. Plus, any complaints or issues can be quickly dealt with, contributing to customer satisfaction.

Enterprises can also leverage new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) to create all new customer experiences and streamlined services. This is where 5G comes in, as its use can extend the capabilities of these tools.

With IoT, businesses can track their products and be notified of any incidents or breaks. From there, they can roll out service teams to fix the issue or notify customers to bring the product into a service centre, depending on their offering.

AR and VR can create new ways for customers to engage with products and services. For example, real estate agents can conduct VR viewings of properties, and construction companies can create an immersive digital experience to visualise the finished product. With AR, enterprises can use mobile apps to create engaging ways of communicating product information or simplify purchasing with “try-on” features and area scanning. Using these innovative technologies will also help create a competitive edge and demonstrate to customers that you are market leaders looking to the future.

Creates a flexible working environment

You can use business technology like UC tools, quality networks, and cloud computing, to create an effective remote working environment. This is especially important in today’s working landscape since the pandemic has transformed staff expectations and made remote working the norm.

Research shows that employees with a flexible workplace are consistently happier and achieve goals more consistently. This means that you can cultivate a more productive workforce that accomplishes better results. This will also be possible thanks to an ability to attract higher-quality staff during hiring periods. According to CareerBuilder, flexible working roles receive seven times the applications of an in-person role, widening the pool and making it easier for you to find the best talent.

There are financial benefits as well. Without needing to support a full team of in-house staff, you can save on utility costs and invest this elsewhere into the business. Plus, with remote employees, you can easily and more affordably connect to new locations and extend the reach of your organisation.

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