The rise of automation: preparing your business for success

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Technology has already taken business to new heights, but the latest advancements are set to make things even more exciting. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, business automation gives us the power to significantly improve our processes, allowing us to be more efficient, productive, and innovative. The result is a world where we can enjoy smarter and more intuitive businesses. 

However, there are a few things you need to do first to ensure you can take advantage of automation to the fullest. 

The benefits of automation. 

Simplify your processes 

Think about the tasks that are completed every day within your business. There are sure to be steps that are tedious, time consuming, and repetitive. With automation, this can be done for you, allowing you to achieve business process improvements. Depending on the kind of processes built into your business, you have the chance to streamline several key responsibilities. Potential automated processes include: 

  • Data entry: digitise paper documents, transfer data from various systems, and automate invoicing.
  • Marketing: optimise email marketing and target customers with automated messages. 
  • Inventory management: track stock levels, generate purchase orders, manage shipping, and verify payments. 
  • Sales: qualify leads, create data-backed sales forecasts, and assign products to salespeople. 
  • Quality control: monitor production lines for defects and alert operators of problems. 
  • Finances: perform analysis, generate reports, and create accurate invoices. 
  • HR: leave requests, payroll, job application processing, interview scheduling, performance management, onboarding, and employment offers. 
  • Security: detect, investigate, and remedy cyber attacks. 

Optimise efficiency  

When repetitive and time-consuming tasks are taken care of, your team is free to focus more on high-value work such as strategic thinking, growth plans, or activities that drive higher returns. They can also get more done in less time since the minor stuff is taken off their plate. Automation can also cut down on time spent correcting mistakes caused by human error. 

Improve customer service 

AI can refine the customer experience by analysing consumer satisfaction and behaviour data. This provides detailed insights that can help you make better-informed decisions about how you interact with customers.  You can even use these insights to provide tailored services and products. 

Increase agility  

Make more informed business decisions with automated data collection and analysis. The insights you gain can be timelier and more accurate, leading to new opportunities for expansion, growth, and service delivery. 

You can also scale your automation processes depending on what stage of growth your business is at. This means you can handle changes in demand easily, without having to weather transition periods.

What to do to prepare for business automation  

It’s not as simple as deciding to roll out business automation technology. There are things you need to do to prepare so it runs at its best, and you are making the most out of your investment. Here’s what to do. 

Get set up with the right connectivity  

Automation technology requires high bandwidth and data volumes to function effectively. So, if your internet connection is unsupportive, it means suffering from costly lags and delays that drag down the efficiency of your business automation. If it can’t run at its best, it might as well not be in place. Determine your connectivity needs and get set up with a connection that supports your operations and use of automation. 

Ensure you’re in the cloud   

Most automation takes place in the cloud, so if you’re yet to migrate now is the time. Not only that, automation technology can actually improve your cloud experience, helping you scale and govern things more easily. If any issues arise, the automation technology can address them and you can experience greater business continuity. So, make sure you set up your cloud environment ahead of time. 

Establish effective security    

You can automate your business security processes, but if there are improper measures in place there is nothing to automate. Determine clear policies and procedures, and ensure you have protections in place. This means your IT environment is secure and your business automation technology can run unencumbered. 

Consider your mobility needs    

The more widespread automation is in your business, the more benefits you can glean. If you have a remote working team, they should be set up with devices that can support automation and allow them to take it on the road. So, if you don’t have an enterprise mobility environment or it isn’t set up effectively, be sure to remedy that before investing in automation technology. 

Team up with a tech partner   

To determine which automation technology should be rolled out in your business or what business processes can be automated via these tools, it helps to talk to a qualified tech provider. They can assess your business needs and make tailored recommendations that ensure your investment is being put to good use. They can also help you navigate any challenges that arise from using unfamiliar tools, so you can spend more time improving and less time troubleshooting. 

Get ready for business automation with Rubicon 8 

We have our fingers on the pulse of innovation. As new technology becomes available, we can use our expertise and industry knowledge to determine which advancements could benefit your business and the way you operate. This means we can take you through the preparation process and assess your IT environment to see if it’s ready for automation. Our expert recommendations will ensure you have everything you need to improve your business. 

The future of business process automation is now, so allow us to help drive your business to a new era of growth. Talk to us today.

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