What are your cloud data recovery plans?

Securing your data

Migrating your business operations to the cloud brings a host of benefits. It can streamline your communications, improve your productivity, and enhance user experiences for both staff and customers. However, as more and more operations become cloud-dependent, cyber security becomes increasingly important. With your business data hosted in the cloud, including your mailboxes, files, IP, and applications, you need effective data security. 

Not many people realise that this is not your cloud provider’s responsibility. The security and integrity of your data are solely in your hands. So, when it comes to protecting your important business information, you need the right contingencies in place. Part of this involves ensuring you have an effective data recovery plan.

The importance of data security in business

Without data, you don’t have a business. It is responsible for everything you do, from your customer relationship management (CRM) to your important business files. The longer your business has been running, the more valuable your data becomes – and if you can’t put a price on it, a hacker likely can. 

These days, attacks have become highly targeted. Cyber criminals are doing their research, and this is enabling more complex and subtle ways of compromising your data. With effective data security you can help mitigate the impact this has on your business. A big part of this comes from your data recovery plans, like the kind available through SaaS protection software.

Consider it your insurance policy, and a way to save you from future issues if there’s ever a problem with data integrity – including file deletion or corruption. Let’s investigate the benefits of effective cloud data recovery more closely.

The benefits of effective cloud data recovery

Be better protected

In the face of increasingly complex attack methods, businesses need a multi-layered approach to protect their data. Ransomware is becoming more common, where cyber criminals gain access to a business’ system, then hold it to ransom until a certain amount is paid. Generally, this will grind operations to a halt while the relevant authorities investigate the attack. This can result in significant costs due to downtime and damage your reputation with customers.

With data recovery methods in place, this can become a non-issue. Simply restore your system from before the time of an attack, and your entire operation is back up and running. Aim for providers with non-destructive restores so you can get the files you need without the threat of data loss.

Minimise impacts from human error

Data security isn’t just at risk from cyber attacks. Sometimes mistakes happen – files are accidentally deleted, versions are saved over, something is mislabelled, or someone inadvertently gives a cyber criminal access. Rather than becoming a huge, impactful issue, this can become an inconvenient setback. 

While cloud providers like Microsoft 365 delete all recycle bin files after 90 days, SaaS protection software can back up the site, file, and folder level and hold it indefinitely so you have a rollback option if things don’t go to plan.

Maintain business continuity

Cyber attacks or file deletions shouldn’t prevent you from serving your customers. Lost data can cause major downtime that hampers your productivity, and can even result in lost revenue. With effective data backups, you can get your systems back up and running faster. Even file permissions can be back in place fast, allowing your staff to easily pick up where they left off. 

Protect your business reputation 

Running a business can be unpredictable, and sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. This could apply to your data, but also your dealings with staff. In the event of malicious file deletion, you can have all your files back without missing a beat. If you encounter false claims made against your organisation, you can access historical data from exited staff and use it to defend yourself should you ever need to. 

Plus, the faster you can get your business back to normal, the easier it is to gain client trust and demonstrate a commitment to data security and privacy.

Mitigate the likelihood of financial loss

Costs associated with downtime can add up, not to mention the expense of regaining access to your systems with the help of professional cyber security services after a ransomware attack. With data recovery from SaaS protection software, you’ll be able to access your critical data and continue to generate revenue. 

Business protection from Rubicon 8

Rubicon 8 has a partnership with data backup and disaster recovery company, Datto. Their product, Datto SaaS Protection provides cloud-to-cloud backup, recovery and business continuity for organisations operating in Microsoft 365 environments. 

With backups 3x a day, unlimited storage, and recovery in a few clicks, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have control over your business data. Plus, their single-cost-per-month pricing model means you can pay the same amount no matter how much data or users you have. Keen to learn more? Reach out to us today.

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